With university prices sky-rocketing, college seems to be moving up the priority list for students. To help students get into college-mode, the SKLZ competition has been creating a fun way for students to get a chance to learn about what colleges offer. On February 21, students from Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI) participated in the competition in a variety of different categories. From carpentry to photography, the competition accommodates a variety of different interests. As the provincial competitions approach on May 7 to 9, VCI continues to celebrate its triumphs at the regional competition.

Having four VCI students placing for first place in public speaking, small engine, individual carpentry, and journalism, VCI enjoyed success. Other students placed well in their categories alongside the first-place winners. Ranging from third place to fifteenth place, the students had a great day, no matter the competition rankings.

The SKLZ competition is a competition for high school students to compete in a variety of different trades. It is hosted by a regional college. This gives the college the chance to show the students what it has to offer in a way that sheds light on the course of study at the college. The competition in February took place at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall.

In May, the competition will take place at the Toronto Congress Centre. Since the competition will be taking place in Toronto, VCI members who won first in their category will not get the chance to participate.

The students hope to compete next year and make it to provincials.