Hi, yes, it’s me again! Right off the top, I really wish to thank the people for their support this past winter. It was a good winter; no one threw anything at me or tried to run me down. Trust me, that is a real good year!

I had quite a few people stop by to chat but I remember one family in particular a mother with three children stopped by because the children wanted to know why I was standing there. As we spoke, the middle child, a young girl, admitted she talked to squirrels and I told her that I did too, along with talking to trees, turtles, spiders and crows, actually, anything that flies, swims, crawls or walks. I consider them all children of Mother Earth, and all of them extremely precious.

I went on to explain that when we spoke to them, they probably wouldn’t understand our words, but they would most definitely understand the gesture of kindness.

I started to think – when was the last time we, as people, have done something kind to this amazing planet who has been so generous to us with her air, her water and her patience?

I believe at this time in her long life, she is ill, and I also believe that we, the people, are responsible for her illness thru our greed, ignorance, and arrogance in things we have done, and in things we have not done.

Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Just outside Vankleek Hill on Hwy 34 south at one o’clock in the afternoon, I’m inviting anyone who cares for the trees, the wildlife or the planet itself to come spend an hour or so with like-minded people, to show a kindness to this lovely creation that is long overdue, and I’m sure she would truly appreciate the gesture.

We will take a few pictures, perhaps with a sign that might say “We Care”. This time we will send copies to the Minister of Climate Change and Global Warming. Will it achieve anything? I don’t know, but to do nothing is unthinkable.

If you have children, please bring them. If not, borrow some, because a large part of what we’re doing is for them and their future.


Thanks again,

Andy Perreault

P.S. I promise we won’t sing Kumbaya.