To The Editor,

That I support the Champlain Township and Action Champlain’s opposition to the United Counties’ proposed change to the Official Plan that would permit a cement plant in the Champlain Township goes without saying. Why? Because I believe in the importance of community. In the importance of the voices of the people who live in their community, as expressed by the elected order of government closest to them. And that is the Council of the Champlain Township. It is their township. It is the place they call home. It is their home. 


It is  a community built on forestry, agriculture, tourism and small business. It does not want a cement plant in its township. 
That said, we live in a time when we can no longer afford to let the economy come before the sanctity of the ecological and environmental realities that face us all.  Like it or not, for the longer term betterment of our grandchildren, we must act now. While we can’t make all of the changes needed across the world, we can do our share, play our part, … In our small corner of the world.
On a go-forward basis, our economy must be built on a sound environmental footing, everywhere. Be it in B.C. or in the Champlain Township, ignoring that environmental imperative will hurt all of us. And most assuredly hurt our grandchildren.  Neither the local interest nor the national interest is being served when we force unsound environmental undertakings on unwilling communities. It simply kills the meaning, the value and the spirit of a community. It makes a farce of democracy and reinforces the growing cynicism and belief of most that we are simply peasants here to be the tax slaves of outside international corporate interests.  To me, it says we should simply shut up and go back to thanking the powers-that-be for the gruel in our bowl. If you, like I, believe that community counts. That your voice counts. And that your political higher-ups have an obligation to respect the voice of your municipal council. That democracy means something at the local level please provide what financial support you can to Action Champlain’s bid to stop the Prescott-Russell  County govt from supporting Colacem rather than the will of the people as expressed by the Champlain Township and the Friends of the Vankleek Hill Farmers Market. Donate to Action Champlain. 
Gary Champagne