With the last little bit of snow gone, a winter’s worth of garbage accumulation is now revealed, just in time for the 9th Annual Cache-In-Trash-Out (SNCITO) event hosted by South Nation Conservation (SNC) and the Geocachers of Eastern Ontario.

This year’s rain or shine event will be held on Saturday, April 28 beginning at 9 a.m. Participants are asked to meet at the Clarence Creek Arena to register and are reminded to dress according to the weather with good working clothes, footwear and gloves. Garbage bags and other supplies will be provided.

Kelsey Smith, SNC’s Communications and Outreach Assistant, says, “This event brings together volunteers and geocachers from all parts of Eastern Ontario and builds a strong sense of community and appreciation for the environment.”

The clean-up will focus on pre-selected sites at nearby parks, trails, and other public spaces. Participants will be divided into groups to tackle the various locations, all while searching for nearby hidden geocaches. Everyone involved will regroup at the Clarence Creek Arena by 12:30 pm for a free lunch, group photos and prizes.

For those not yet in the loop, the basic idea of geocaching is to locate containers hidden outdoors, examine the contents, and share discoveries online.

Over the years, SNCITO has been held at Conservation Areas and communities throughout SNC’s jurisdiction extending from the Ottawa River near Plantagenet, to the St. Lawrence River east of Prescott. Everyone is encouraged to attend; the event is not limited to geocachers.

A surprising amount of trash and “odd relics from the woods” are discovered every year. Perhaps among the most memorable items recovered were the Volkswagen Beetle, a discarded porcelain toilet, and a clothing mannequin.

On Saturday, April 28, SNC will also be on-site at Diamond Jubilee Park in Findlay Creek, in the City of Ottawa, for the annual Findlay Creek Community Association’s Community Clean-up Day. Staff will be handing out FREE Sweet Gale, Black Elderberry and Serviceberry shrubs from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm to community members!

For more information about the SNCITO event contact: Kelsey Smith, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 313, [email protected]

For more information about Findlay Creek Community Shrub Giveaway contact: Katherine Watson, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 291, [email protected]