From May 7 to May 13, 2018, it’s Children’s Mental Health Week. At Valoris for Children and Adults of
Prescott-Russell, multiple mental health services are offered to children and their families including:
evaluations, counselling, one-on-one, family or group interventions, school-based interventions in six
Prescott-Russell schools and evidence-based programs such as Triple P and Communities That Care
Children and youth struggling with mental health issues rarely ask for help. It is important to pay
attention to signs that could indicate that someone close to you is suffering from such a problem.
Dramatic decline in school performance, mood swings (irritability, anger, extreme sadness), changes in
sleeping or eating habits, detachment from friends and family, loss of interest in activities or hobbies,
lack of concentration, physical problems (headaches, stomachaches, etc.), negative or suicidal thoughts
are all signs to be taken into account.
Left untreated, mental health disorders can have devastating consequences. You must encourage the
child or youth to talk openly and confidently about their problems. Listen and, if necessary, ask for input
from teachers, caretakers, friends and family to see if they noticed any changes in the child or youth.
Early intervention is the key to prevent the situation from getting worse and lessen the impact on the
child’s or youth’s development.
For additional information regarding mental health services offered in the region or for support, please
call Valoris at 1 800 675.6168 or visit our website at