To The Editor,

Hawkesbury and Champlain residents are invited to a round-table meeting happening on May 2 in Hawkesbury! As you may already know, Hawkesbury is heading into a new election cycle with elections for mayor and city council seats in the fall. It’s an exciting time to think and dream about the new possibilities that would see Hawkesbury rise up to be a place that sees economic growth, cultural enrichment and new investments into our infrastructure. An exciting time indeed.

The politicians will come out with their signs, platforms and promises that many of us will agree or disagree with.  They campaign hard and the fight will be intense but what could make this more interesting is if we gave them some new and fresh ideas that they could adopt as campaign promises, planks, and we, as constituents, would hold them accountable.

On May 2, at 6:30 p.m., at the Centre Culturel Le Chenail, the Citoyens de Hawkesbury Citizens group will be hosting a round table discussion to tease out new ideas that could have a seriously positive impact on our local community, the people that drive through here without ever stopping and lay the way towards being an economic and cultural powerhouse in the province of Ontario.

If you’ve shared ideas that have not come to reality or have ideas that you’d like to share that you believe could be beneficial to Hawkesbury from a cultural, economic and overall well-being perspective this is a nonpolitical forum where you can freely speak you mind in a non-judgmental, receptive and friendly environment. The information you share will be gathered anonymously, indexed and shared with all respective parties running in this upcoming election.

Come one, come all and share your thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Submitted by Stephen Sockett