To The Editor,

Now for something completely different. I’m always surprised at what governments do and what they don’t do. The present government decided to legalize cannabis for two reasons, more votes and more money. They tell us to take the sale from the criminal element, — but I think they just wanted to make the money for themselves.

What makes me angry is the government isn’t saying that the product they are releasing will change the lives of millions of young people across this country and the majority of change won’t be for the better.

I’m trying to give a heads-up to parents who might not be acquainted with drugs or drug addiction, and also maybe to young people who might decide to go down this road. I know some of you young people might be saying what the heck can I learn from this old fart? It’s just: I wasn’t born an old fart, I was a kid just like you, youngest of five in a good family. At 13, I started smoking cigarettes and drinking, at 14, I started smoking hash and grass, at 15, I was into acid, mescalin and Dexedrine (speed). The puffing and speed had a grip on me I couldn’t shake for 25 years. It cost me my education, my health, the trauma and pain I brought to my family was devastating, friendships were lost, lives were lost and so were memories.

This drug is mind-altering, it’s not like having a cold beer, with 22 to 28 per cent T.H.C. with no buffer to prevent paranoia and is highly addictive, which our government chose to omit from the picture, more concerned with distribution and money to be made.

This will definitely not help our obesity crisis, let’s just say you won’t feel like being too active, if you’re walking around in a close to vegetative state —  you will eat more. As for cutting down on dealers, it will only augment the number targeting the younger people not able to purchase it legally and whose brain cells are not fully developed and most venerable, God help them. All this, thanks to a government which should be caring for the health and well being of the people of Canada.

I honestly believe they are doing this to muzzle the people. If we don’t think, we don’t make trouble.

As for you young people, I mean real young, don’t feel you have to do this crap; it’ll stop you from being the real you. If you do get into this stuff a lot and don’t like where it is taking you, stop, if you can, and talk to someone; you don’t have to run with the pack, and you are not alone.

I really wish you parents good luck, cause you’re gonna need it, just keep your eyes open and be open-minded. You might be easier to talk to.

Being clear-minded isn’t as bad as some people think. I’ve been clean for a couple of decades plus and I absolutely love it cause nothing’s got a hold on me no more – nothing.

Watch your step, make your choices carefully and good luck.

Thank you,

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill