The 7th edition of the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) job fair is right around the corner. Once again, the fair will be comprised of two events; one held on Saturday, March 17, 2018, at École secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury (ESCRH) and the other on March 24, 2018, at the River Rock Inn at Rockland.

“It’s amazing to think that we are now in our 7th year at organizing the job fair,” said André Roy, Executive Director for the Employment Services Centre.

“The job fair is always a success,” said Murielle Huneault Pilon, Job Developer, Prescott, for the CSEPR. “This year, more effort will be put into helping employers find the right candidate during the event.”

As in previous years, each location will welcome a minimum of 25 employers. “To our great joy, our minimum quota of participating employers has already been reached. We always have a deadline for employer registration and this year, the minimum quota was reached before the start of the holiday season,” proudly stated Huneault Pilon.

During a press conference held at their Hawkesbury offices, the CSEPR unveiled this year’s theme: CHOOSE YOUR JOB. “The theme was inspired by the amount of job postings we’re anticipating for the area,” said Carole Muise, Communications Agent for the CSEPR. “We wish to send a message to job seekers; you can choose your job in Prescott Russell.

For those seeking employment, the job fair is indeed a good opportunity. “It is essential for employers who wish to participate to have jobs on offer,” said Roy, adding that “several hundred jobs will be up for grabs.”

Also present at the press conference was Mayor Jeanne Charlebois, who sees the job fair as a way to motivate a younger workforce to seek employment in the area. “I believe students should participate in the event, to see which opportunities exist for them.”

Mayor Charlebois also stated, “Hawkesbury is the commercial, industrial and health services hub of Prescott Russell. We need to keep the wheel turning.”

Preparation workshops make a comeback

March 2018 will also see the return of the CSEPR Preparation Workshops. One workshop will be held in Hawkesbury on March 6, at 134 Main E, and the other in Rockland on March 13, at 2229 Laurier.

The workshops are for anyone interested in attending the job fair. It allows job seekers to better prepare and gives them a chance to see which jobs will be available.

“If you’re interested, all you need to bring is a pencil, a notepad and an open mind,” said Muise. “Technically, these services are offered daily to job seekers. It’s a way for us to show people how we can help.”

Workshops will be held in both English (10 AM) and French (1:30 PM) and require those interested to register beforehand since space is limited.

Helping job seekers and employers all year long

Throughout 2017, the CSEPR has kept busy finding new ways to help those who call upon their services.

“Last year, we took a proactive approach focused on the individual needs of employers,” said Huneault Pilon. “Job postings are one thing, but some employers have trouble finding qualified individuals.”

To remedy the situation, in addition to the job fair, the CSEPR organized “business discovery” workshops aimed at helping employers find quality personnel.

“We had a lot of job postings in the past year and candidates don’t always know which employers would suit them best. We organized visits with potential candidates to some of the businesses, companies and organizations that call upon our services.” Huneault Pilon adds, “job seekers were surprised to see how much is going on in the area, career-wise.”

The initiative yielded positive results, with some employers scheduling interviews with candidates during visits. “A few of those interviews turned into actual job offers,” said Huneault Pilon, adding that “It’s all about breaking the barrier between potential candidates and employers.”

For those interested

In its associated press release, the CSEPR informed interested employers that as of January 9, 2018, some spaces remained available. Those who wish to participate should quickly contact the CSEPR Job Developers.

A section of the CSEPR website will also be dedicated to the job fair and will be activated at the beginning of February 2018. For job seekers, the website will be a source of information to discover which employers will be present in each location, but also to know what jobs they will have available at the fair. The website’s address will be