There is something about the strumming and plucking of the Spanish guitar, coupled with clapping and heel-tapping, that brings out a fire of energy and passion when one listens to Flamenco music.  This was my introduction to a Flamenco performance given by Spanish guitarist Richard Moir and his singer/wife Marta at Hawkesbury’s Holy Trinity Anglican Church on Saturday evening, September 16.

In traditional Flamenco performances, the singer is the heart and soul of the genre.  And without a doubt, Marta’s rich and powerful voice, singing from the throat, coupled with her rhythmic clapping and foot-tapping captivated the audience. Richard accompanying her on Spanish guitar, and sometimes solo, saw myself, and other members of the audience, bopping our heads in unison to his fast strumming and quick chord changes.

Their music is traditional. Richard explained the origins and influences of each song; Farruca comes from the North of Spain; Guajiras has Cuban influences, Tangos from India/Middle Eastern regions to name a few.  Some songs speak of tragedy like Peteneras, and others like Alegrias speak of joy.

Just as Flamenco has its roots in several countries, so, to0, do Marta and Richard.  She is originally from Columbia and he is from Scotland.  They met in Calgary and married in 1989. Together, they followed their passion and have been performing Flamenco music for more than 20 years.