Calling all Higginsons! This weekend, Vankleek Hill will be invaded by more than 335 Higginson family members from all over North America. From Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13, the Vankleek Hill Community Centre at 36 Mill St. becomes “The Gathering Place” – the centre of operations for three days of heritage, history, and renewed relationships.

Find your place

Unsure where you fit in with the family? Have no fear: Beth Higginson has put together a family tree… which includes thousands of names. According to the Higginson Reunion Newsletter #3, the printed version would have been 283 feet (or 86 metres) long! Fortunately, the organizing committee has come up with a more viewer-friendly format, which will be on display during the reunion. Electronic copies will also be available to take home.

Where’s James? No, the other James.

As of the third Higginson Reunion Newsletter, there were not three, not four, but five (or more!) James Higginsons registered for the event. Thus began the James Higginson Challenge: all James Higginsons are asked to find each other and take a group photo on the corner of James and Higginson Streets in Hawkesbury!

The reunion will be entirely kid-friendly, with a playground next to the site and supervision planned during the Meet-and-Greet and the Saturday dinner. Plus, take them along on the driving tour for The Great Higginson Family Scavenger Hunt!

What’s more, if you have any memorabilia of Higginson family history, bring your items to the reunion! Screens will be available to present digital photos and PowerPoint presentations. For pictures, however, it’s recommended to bring labelled copies rather than originals.

Note: The Review is open for the Higginson 200 Reunion, from 10 am to 5 pm. The limited-edition Higginson Tower Christmas ornaments go on sale at 10 am for $10 each. All proceeds from ornament sales go to support the Higginson Tower.

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