InfoCannabis will be launching Seed 2 Weed on August 26. The Embrun-based company’s mission is to educate people seeking an alternative to regular prescription drugs. InfoCannabis will help you get a doctor and have all the required paperwork to buy, grow and use medical marijuana.

Frank Medewar and Jeff Lamoureux are co-owners of Seed 2 Weed and their passion for the benefits of marijuana is palpable. They are convinced that marijuana should be a go-to medicine for doctors before opting to prescribe strong opiates.

“We had a guy in here who was on Fentanyl patches and just couldn’t handle them anymore,” said Medewar. “We took him in, got him through the process and getting access to medical marijuana, and I mean his life is just better now. No more heavy slouching on the couch from the Fentanyl, which is in my opinion extremely dangerous to use or to even have around the house.”

Seed 2 Weed is the store under the InfoCannabis umbrella that will be providing growers with products ranging from fertilizer to lamps and even small grow chambers that can be used in apartments. Seed 2 Weed also offers professional advice and services to medical marijuana growers on how to safely create grow spaces in their own homes.

According to Medewar, a patient who is prescribed 20g of medical marijuana a day can grow up to 100 plants in their home or buy the marijuana directly online. Growing one hundred plants in a home without damaging it is a complex feat that Seed 2 Weed can take care of.

Jeff Lamoureux wanted to make the launch of Seed 2 Weed into an opportunity to educate people on what is medical marijuana and also to inform the population that they are not a dispensary that we see on the news getting raided on a weekly basis.

“Those dispensaries are literally cash cow operations. They can make up to $10,000 a day. The issue I have with them is their procurement and how they advertise their products. They don’t know what they are doing and mostly deal with medical marijuana growers looking to make a quick buck,” argued Lamoureux.

“They are really hurting the movement. I mean the advocacy is done, recreational marijuana will be legal in 2018. We have to be patient and fight the good fight in the right way and not rush things. Let’s see what the government is offering and how the provinces will distribute the product and from there we will continue to advocate for affordable access to marijuana and its by-products. We are 100% in legality here, and yes, we are weary of what the government will be proposing but we will work with them to get the best deal for growers and customers.”

The launch will be held at Seed 2 Weed at 866 Notre Dame in Embrun on August 26 from 11 a.m. to 1p.m.

“Tweed, a licensed producer will be on site at the launch. We invite everybody from the community to visit us on the 26, you don’t need to be a user or grower. We just want people to come by and see what we are up to and to better understand what our mission is and what we stand for,” concluded Medewar.