As part of the “Programme de soutien aux municipalités en prévention de la criminalité” (PSM), or Municipal Crime Prevention Support Programme, the Government of Quebec has granted a financial aid of $62,500 to Lachute Township and MRC Argenteuil. This money will go towards the establishment of an official approach to problems such as conjugal violence, homelessness, and mental health.

Of this amount, $37,500 will go to the Town of Lachute to reinforce organizations working in the streets; and the Argenteuil Regional County Municipality, or MRC, will be receiving $25,000. “Lachute Township believes in the importance of working with the populace when it comes to crime and territorial security,” said mayor of Lachute Carl Péloquin in a recent press release. “And I’m grateful to the Government of Quebec for this grant. The crime prevention strategies that will be put in place with this financial aid can only improve the quality of life of our citizens.”

PSM is a three-year programme intended to encourage municipal organizations to engage themselves in keeping communities safe. Going on the assumption that municipal authorities are best placed to coordinate preventive measures, with the input of local organizations, the programme aims to address the influx of issues surrounding crime, victimization, and perceived safety in a community.