This summer, Argenteuil will be welcoming four new festivals into the district, which will be supported by a financial aid totaling nearly $30,000 granted by the Government of Quebec.

The Festival of Electronic Music, AIM Experience in Carillon and the Lachute Rodeo will both be benefiting from financial aid from the Ministry of Tourism’s Programme de développement de l’industrie touristique touristique — Aide financière aux festivals et aux événements touristiques, or Tourist Industry Development Programme — Financial Aid for Festivals and Tourist Events.

As for the Argenteuil Blues Festival and the Country Western Festival of Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, these two events will be sharing a discretionary budget of $11,000.

The Tourist Industry Development Programme

This program supports initiatives with the goal of providing an engaging variety of tourist attractions in Quebec. By bringing in thousands of visitors every year, such festivals and events generate important revenue for the province.

“Argenteuil can only welcome this financial aid,” said Argenteuil MLA Yves St-Denis. “Thanks to the events that animate our area during the summer, the citizens of Argenteuil enjoy a diverse and festive community. These festivals are a considerable contribution to the economy of Argenteuil, and make our area shine by attracting tourists and potential new residents.”