On Saturday, June 17, the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society hosted its second-annual truck pull and show n’ shine at the fairgrounds. Here are the results of the truck pull:

½ ton gas (6500 LBS) (1500 Ton Gas)

First place: Alain Brazeau, Vankleek Hill, ON
Second place: Frank Cadoret, Mirabel, QC

¾ ton gas (7500 lbs)

First place: Max Ouimet

¾-1 ton diesel (8200 lbs)

First place: Jordan Filoso, Ottawa, ON
Second place: Stephane Paquette, Cassleman, ON
Third place: Eric Houle, Rockburn, ON

Pro street diesel (8500 lbs)

First place: Casey Brown, Low, QC
Second place: Sylvain Desrosiers, Embrun, ON
Third place: Yves Lamadeleine, Embrum, ON

Stock highway trucks

First place: Eric Carriere, Alfred, ON
Second place: Bert Maclennan, Vankleek Hill, ON

Modified highway truck

First place: Philip Robert, Crysler, ON
Second place: Dominic Gauveau, Gatineau, QC
Third place: Eric Carriere, Alfred, ON
Fourth place: Mario Banville, Montreal, QC

Dump Trucks

First place: Eric Leveques, Carlsbad Springs, ON

Two-wheel drive truck modified

First place: Ray Venesse, Aylmer, QC
Second place: Jeff Overton, Gatineau, QC

Modified diesel tractors

Martin Renaud, Green Valley, ON
Derek Swennen, Bedford, Qc
Guillaume Pelletier, Ste. Bridge, QC
John Langton, Beachburg, ON
Jody Langton, Beachburg, ON

S.E.M. (Single Engine Modified Tractor)

Paul Davis, Luskville, QC
Garry Overton, Alymer, QC
Elwin Davis, Luskville, QC
Terry Provost, Quyon, QC
Jason Sparling, Richmond, ON
Jody Langton, Beachburg, ON SEM
Eldon Davis, Luskville, QC
Andy Cook, Alymer, QC
Jonathan Dorion, Luskville, QC