Champlain Township recently posted a notice on its website relating to financial help for those affected by recent flooding.

In addition to the initial $600 of direct financial assistance provided to eligible households, the Red Cross will offer a second round of funding starting June 19, 2017 by assessing further household needs.

This additional support will help individuals and families recover from the floods and can be used to cover costs that won’t be covered by other funding sources. It could include reconstruction and relocation, health needs, transportation needs, children’s needs and occupational needs.

In order for households to be eligible for this second round of financial assistance, they must be registered with the Red Cross, and must be validated as a flood‐impacted household.

If people have already registered with Red Cross, they will be contacted to determine their eligibility for this next stage of recovery assistance and to determine how they would like to continue the assessment process (phone or face‐to‐face).

If impacted households have not registered with the Red Cross and wish to determine if they are eligible for Red Cross assistance, they can still register by going online at or by calling 18008636582.


Eligibility will be based on municipally assessed property values of flood‐impacted residences. In Ontario, properties valued at maximum of $500,000 and lower will be eligible. Properties higher than the maximum value do not qualify.

There are a number of criteria to determine how much additional financial assistance each registered household is eligible to receive. Amounts per household will vary, depending on each family’s unique situation.

After meeting the eligibility criteria based on property value, households may receive additional financial assistance based on a set of criteria that assess vulnerability and need.


The additional financial assistance will be provided primarily through an electronic transfer of funds, or an alternative method based on the most effective and efficient way to provide funds to people.

Prepaid cards can also be distributed if: a) Individuals or families do not have a bank account or e‐mail address or b) Individuals or families who require immediate financial assistance and for whom electronic transfers did not work.