To the editor:

The establishment of a heavy industry in the village of L’Orignal concerns the whole population of Prescott-Russell. In essence, the environmental consequences linked to the cement plant would jeopardize not only the health of the Ontario and Quebec population within a radius of several dozens of kilometers from L’Orignal. A cement plant would also have a negative impact on the quality of water and air near the Ottawa river. Consequently, all the efforts put forth to encourage tourism and a green mentality in the regions would be compromised.

Starting at 6:00 p.m. on May 18th, at the Vankleek Hill arena, 36 Mill Street, the mayors of the UNITED Counties of Prescott and Russell will have to listen to us. This public meeting will be the first opportunity the mayors will have had to hear us! It is therefore IMPERATIVE that we come in great numbers to voice our opinion regarding the amendment to the official plan authorizing heavy industry in L’Orignal. It is a UNIQUE opportunity to stand together in solidarity before the mayors make their decision.

If transportation to Vankleek Hill presents a problem for you or if you would like to volunteer your services to drive individuals to the public meeting please call us at 613-677-1054.

We finally have a hearing before the mayors of the UNITED Counties of Prescott and Russell on May 18, 2017, let us all be at this public meeting that could determine our collective and individual fate for many years to come. Let us not put our future in the hands of the mayors without having presented all our viewpoints concerning the imminent dangers associated with a cement plant and our resolve not to have it in L’Orignal.

Action Champlain is counting on YOU and will pursue its efforts and initiatives to best represent your/our interests. THANK YOU!

Patrick Lalonde

Member of Action Champlain