A long-time educator who began his career at Pleasant Corners Public School (PCPS) in the 1970s has published his first children’s book.

Bruce Foster says he began writing down memories of his time as a teacher and principal about seven years ago. “All kinds of things happen when you’re in that privileged role,” he said. The story he decided to tell first is one with a lesson about safety: a young student, on her sixth birthday, walked in front of a bus when her father called her name from the parking lot of the school. Foster said he manged to grab her arm, and the bus driver saw them in time to hit the brakes. “Her life was ultimately saved, I’m sure, because of the sharp and fast-thinking bus driver,” says Foster.

He`s never forgotten the incident. “I think the little girl was in shock, but the bus driver and I were shaking,” he remembers.

Foster notes that while he is a newbie author, he had a lot of support from the experts. “I had the expertise of probably eight to 10 principals…who I would send the soft copy to, and say ‘rip it up,’ and some of them did,” he says. “I took to heart their comments and constructive criticism.”

The book, published in September of 2016, has sold over 1,000 copies. Part of the proceeds go to the Kids Help Phone Line, which Foster has often referred children to over the years.

The book includes illustrations by Jessica Fleury and is available in both English and French for $10 per copy.

Meanwhile, Foster is working on another book. “It’s going to be a little lighter,” he said. “This one is a little heavy, but the message had to get out there.” He notes people can get in touch with him via his website, www.mrkool.ca, by phone at   1-613-898-2099, or by email at [email protected].