Mark the date! The community cookbook that celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, and the 220th anniversary of the founding of Vankleek Hill will have its sales launch at Scotiabank, Vankleek Hill on Thursday February 2. All sales will be matched by Scotiabank, the community partner of the publisher, Vankleek Hill & District Historical Society. Proceeds will go towards artefact conservation at the Musée Vankleek Hill Museum.

What’s different about this cookbook? The majority of these family favourite recipes are scans of the original handwritten creations. And in many instances, there are cameo family stories and photos to go with them. There is also a recipe index, and a cross-referenced index of the cooks.

The 2017 Cookbook Committee of Mary Fraser, Michelle Landriault, Naomi Mahon and Wendy Nixon-Barton explain the use of scans for the publication, “The original recipes are time capsules of memories. They were learned, handed down and well-used. Open our family recipe books and boxes, and we capture a glimpse of the many bonds made in recipe exchanges with names, jottings, clippings, comments and the cooking stains.”

The subtitle of the 220-page cookbook is, “the flavours from their hands,” a direct reference to the hard-working cooks. The committee says, “We especially thank the generations of cooks who found ways to bring nutrition and enticing fla­vour to their tables to make for memorable times. It is never just about the recipe, it is indeed, ‘the flavours from their hands.’ “

It’s a special day with a special price, and only 300 copies available. Recipe contributors, advertisers, advance sales holders – everyone is invited to come to Scotiabank on February 2 to make their $20 purchase. Sales day excitement begins at 10 a.m., with the official launch at 11 a.m.  For a limited time, the only place to purchase this 2017 Celebration Cookbook will be Scotiabank, Vankleek Hill. Cannot make it there?  Find a surrogate to come and take advantage of this special offer.

Only once in a lifetime does a cookbook like this come along. Add it to your collection.