The work of the students of artist Nathalie Frenière will be on display at Le Chenail Cultural Centre between January 14 and January 22, 2017.

There will be 36 exhibitors: Andrée Pilon, Beatrice Cluney, Brunhild Schierding, Carolle Leduc, Claire Cousineau, Colette Boulerice, Danielle Lalonde, Danielle Myner, Denise Cloutier, Diane Riley, Flora Poulton, Francine Dicaire, Ghislaine Clément, Ginette Chaumont, Isabelle Dicaire, Jean-Marc Arsenault, John Clingen, Josée Leduc, Joyce Graham, Lesli Gut, Lisa Quevillon, Louisette Laurin, Madeleine Rathwell, Maggie VandenOetelaar, Marianne Vancaennelbeke, Maureen Slattery, Merle Roy,
Monique Bergevin, Nathalie Bourassa, Ray Macleod, Richard Myre, Sue Mills, Suzanne Gauthier, Suzanne Lafrance, Sylvie Pilon, and Yolande Racine.

There will be a vernissage on January 14 between 1 and 4 p.m., featuring Didier Chasteau on piano. Le Chenail Cultural Centre is located a 2 rue John in Hawkesbury.