Between November 21, 2016 and January 7, 2017, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers stopped 213 drivers in the United Counties as part of the “RIDE” program, aimed at reducing impaired driving. As a result, 11 drivers were charged with impaired driving related offences. Four others received “warn range” driving permit suspensions.

This compares to 155 RIDE checks during the previous year, at which time five impaired driving charges were laid and six “warn range” driving permit suspensions were given.

“With the many alternatives available in this day and age, it is alarming and unacceptable that drivers would take such potentially devastating risks,” said SD&G OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Mike Mulhearn in a statement included in a press release. “RIDE checks will continue throughout the year, at any given times and locations in SD&G, to deter and intercept those who choose to make poor choices,” said Mulhearn.