Whether you believe in religion, Santa Claus, or Christmas magic, there is something special about December. For many people, Christmas is a time to embrace those they love and to hold onto the traditions that were passed down to them. Christmas trees are central to many of these traditions.

The smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree will bring you back to your childhood. Picking the tree is almost as critical as the decorations that go on it. Some people prefer the lost little tree with the big holes that are best filled with shining decorations, while others may prefer more “perfect” varieties.  Stephane Lavigne, owner of Glengarry Evergreen Farm would probably tell you it’s less about finding the perfect tree and more about selecting the tree that is perfect for you and your family.

Lavigne has been growing Christmas trees for the past six years. Trees that he harvested this year are between four and five feet high. They were among the first trees he planted on his farm and they have been carefully tended to for the past six years. Every year the trees are trimmed and fertilized and every month during summer, the grass is cut around them to ensure the trees stay healthy.

If you’re looking for a majestic 12-foot tree, Lavigne has some of those too. His larger trees come from a farm near Embrun. It took around a dozen years for these trees to reach their current height.

“There is nothing like a natural Christmas tree. They smell good and it’s a family activity to go out and select your tree,” said Lavigne.

Back at his farm in Alexandria, Lavigne has planted more than 5,000 Christmas trees. In another two years he speculates that he will be able to open his farm up to the public so that families can come and select, and cut their own trees. By then, his five-foot trees should be between six and seven feet in height.

In the meantime, you can continue to visit him at the Glengarry Evergreen Farm, where you can select one of his pre-cut, locally-grown trees, or at the Canadian Tire, in Hawkesbury.

In addition to trees, Lavigne also has a selection of wreaths, tree boughs and other Christmas decorations.