With early snow on the ground and more forecast this week in some parts of Ontario, winter’s on the way and so is the 2017 snowmobiling season. But it’s not time to start sledding yet, so for safety’s sake and to avoid trespassing on private property, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) cautions snowmobilers to keep their sleds parked and stay off OFSC trails because they are not open yet.

Even going for a short snowmobile ride can be very dangerous at this time of year with the existing poor conditions. The ground, waterways and swamps are not frozen yet, nor is there enough snow base to protect yourself or your sled from terrain irregularities or other obstacles. Grooming operations have not started yet, so no OFSC trails are available to ride and all access to trails on private property remain closed. Snowmobilers are also reminded to stay off public roads and avoid trespassing on farmers’ fields.

For updates on trail status across Ontario, the OFSC recommends that prior to accessing a trail that snowmobilers visit the Interactive Trail Guide at www.ofsc.on.ca to confirm trail availability.