A proposed amendment to a zoning by-law presented at Champlain Township’s most recent meeting had a few neighbours expressing concerns over what those changes would mean.
The amendment would authorize the addition of industrial-type activities such as a sawmill, wood shop, wood storage sheds and open storage of raw or finished lumber. The zoning change would allow the owners to obtain the required building permits to bring the use and buildings into conformity and would recognize that the lot coverage of the existing accessory buildings exceeds the lot coverage of the dwelling on the lot and the height of the existing accessory buildings exceeds five metres.
The property in question is located at 1126 Aberdeen Road, south of Vankleek Hill and if approved, the zoning by-law amendment would change the zoning from a Rural Zone (RU) to a Rural –  Special Exception Zone (RU-51) in order to permit a wood transformation business. The property consists of about 23.3 acres.
Réjean Albert asked about truck traffic on Aberdeen Road, saying that existing truck traffic on the road (from other companies) caused gravel to fly off the road.
“Everything is flying; they don’t care,” Albert said.
“I think everyone should be able to make money, it’s just the traffic concerns,” Albert said.

Earlier complaints followed by contacting Ivaco have reduced traffic on Aberdeen Road, Albert said.
The turn at the main intersection in Vankleek Hill (from Main Street onto High Street heading south) can be challenging, said Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton. That is why some heavier trucks take Duval Road, then use Aberdeen Road to reach Highway 34 south of Vankleek Hill.

Joel Viau, owner of 1125 Aberdeen Road, said that about six semi-trailer loads would come in during December and January only and that he would use Highway 34 to access his property and business almost 100 per cent of the time.
Township officials met with Viau a few months ago to explain that the existing activity (wood transformation) was not a permitted use on his property. Existing buildings will each require a building permit and each application will have to be accompanied by an as-built drawing and an engineer’s report.