Vicky Jean-Louis is a local entrepreneur and graphic artist who is hoping to entice Vankleek Hill-ers to make healthy eating options and to visit her new cold-pressed juicing business, which will be opening on Vankleek Hill’s Main Street in early January.
“I wanted to be able to offer fruit and vegetables in the form of juices. It’s pure juice that is really healthy for you and is not pasteurized,” said Jean-Louis. The new company, which is called “Golden Hill,” will be located at 52 Main Street. Jean-Louis is in the process of renovating the space, which was formerly used as a print company and then, a coffee shop.
As the president of the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association, Jean-Louis said she is committed to buying local. She is equally committed to reducing food waste, while creating a product that is both economical and delicious.
All of her smoothies will be made from real ingredients, with lots of seasonal varieties. Jean-Louis is establishing partnerships with local growers, food producers and grocery stores to purchase fruits and vegetables and overstock items that might otherwise be thrown away. This will reduce waste by using food products that are perfectly safe for consumption, but which have a shorter shelf-life for consumers.
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