Friends of the Dalkeith Library spokesperson Brenda Noble has gained the support of North Glengarry council members in her quest to keep Dalkeith’s last public building open.

“Council members have been so supportive,” says Noble of North Glengarry Mayor Chris McDonell, Deputy Mayor Jamie MacDonald and councilors Brian Caddell and Jeff Manley, who all attended the Dalkeith Library last week to help Noble find a solution to keep the library open.

“We’ve found a temporary solution and one that will keep this library open,” says Noble, who’s thrilled with the progress after months of hard work.“Members of council agree that this will be a community building run by local volunteers and will encompass not only a library but a sort of café, gathering area and whatever else residents want.”

Noble explains that the cost of internet service and two computers will be covered by the SD&G Library Board indefinitely. “There will continue to be a drop off box with services provided by the board as well,” states Noble. “People can still pick up and drop off books. We’re just trying to work out all the details.”

That includes a search for volunteers, shelving, furniture and other items.“Especially books,” says Noble. “We will gladly accept any books people are parting with. And of course ideas are always appreciated.” Noble explains that the library is unique in Dalkeith because the building has heat and is suitable to house books, unlike Dalkeith’s community centre.