McIntosh, Warren

McIntosh, Warren

In loving memory of a wonderful husband, father and Poppa who passed away March 1, 2022. Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure, You are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure. Love, Bernadette, Carolyn and David, Anne Marie, Elizabeth and Steven,...

Young, Darlene

In memory of a cherished wife, sister, aunt and great-aunt. A picture of you we carry in our hearts We close our eyes to see it When the world gets dark. A memory of you we carry in our soul We wrap it close around us when the nights get cold. If you ask how we are,...

Mc Rae, Angus

Mc Rae, Angus December 20, 1936 - February 23, 2017 We miss you in so many ways We miss things you used to say And when old times we do recall It’s then we miss you most of all Forever missed, Opal & family

Tolhurst, Diane Mode

In loving memory of a wonderful wife and mother who passed away January 24, 2003. Sadly missed along life’s way, Quietly remembered every day. No longer in our life to share, But in our hearts you’re always there. Love, Bob, Randi, Ashleigh, Duane and Curtis

Higginson, Tom

In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather who passed away January 20, 2010. Remember him with a smile today He was not one for tears Reflect instead on memories Of all the happy years Recall to mind the way he spoke And all the things he said His...

Barton, Kurt

June 1, 1971 - January 5, 1996 Gone Forever But Loved Forever Mom xxx ooo

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