To the Editor,

Gas prices. Up by seven to 10 cents a litre, a few days later, lower by four to five cents. Then, an increase by seven to 10 cents again. This tactic has been going on with their intent to attain $1.90 per litre as soon as possible.

I feel that regardless of attempts to rationalize the wave in prices, the tidal wave is coming.

Remember. our leader shared a while back that a $2 per litre would be good for the economy.

He is doing his part to get to the 2$ price with the carbon tax. Where are all the carbon taxes, GST, refinery taxes etc. going?

“Oh yea, we are working very hard for the citizens of Canada.” This is heard over and over again from the leader(s).  More realistically, they should say “We are hardly working but spending your money anyway.”

It will never end as it is now entrenched in our country’s operations and completely accepted by the majority of Canadians. Oh well that’s the way it is HUH? It will never change. It is unbelievable how gullible most of our population has become.

Keep paying more taxes, feed corporate record-breaking profits.

I guess this seems to be how Canadians feel good.

Richard Charest

Vankleek Hill