The warden’s gavel for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) could return to North Glengarry for 2024.

At the September 18 SDG council meeting, representatives followed the regional government’s tradition of declaring their candidacies for the next year’s warden. North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald was one of two individuals to announce his candidacy. The other representative to express interest is South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis.

North Glengarry Deputy Mayor Carma Williams served as SDG Warden in 2022.

Nominations for 2024 SDG warden will be formally received and members of the six-member council will vote for the new warden at that meeting.

The current SDG Warden is North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser.

Main Street storm sewers

The SDG Transportation Services Department continues to plan for a reconstruction project on part of Main Street in Alexandria. On September 18, the department reported to counties council that additional closed circuit television camera inspections had been done of storm sewers to aid with the process of designing replacement storm sewers underneath the street.

County Road 22

Also on September 18, SDG Transportation Services reported it had begun receiving plans from surveyors for the proposed widening of part of County Road 22 in the Maxville area. However, the department still requires more of the plans in order to finalize the design. The delay in receiving the plans could also delay the department’s hope of the project going to tender this fall.