A series of changes are now in effect at the intersection of Main Street (County Road 10) and High Street (Highway 34) in Vankleek Hill.

The four changes made by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) involve relocating the eastbound stop bar (stop line) to the west of County Road 10 to 18 metres west of its current position to align with the back of the building located at 10-14 High Street. A “No Right Turn on Red Light” has been installed on the southwestern corner to prevent traffic from turning south onto Highway 34 from eastbound County Road 10 as there is no visibility from the new stop line into the intersection. The UCPR has added another “No Right Turn on Red Light” sign for southbound traffic on Highway 34 turning westbound on County Road 10 due to a conflict point when heavy vehicles turn right onto Highway 34. The parking zone to the west of the intersection on the south side of County Road 10 has been removed to provide additional space for semi trailers to turn. The changes to the intersection follow three collisions between trucks and utility poles at the intersection in 2022.

No parking zone to expand

The no parking zone in front of the fairgrounds on County Road 10 (Main Street West) in Vankleek Hill is about to get bigger.

On August 24, UCPR council approved a request from Champlain Township to extend the existing no parking zone on the south side of the road to include the front of residential properties to civic address 128. Champlain Township will be responsible for enforcing the no parking zone and will be installing additional no parking signs in the area.

Speed limit to stay the same

On August 24, UCPR council rejected a request from Champlain Township to reduce the speed limit on Cassburn Road (County Road 11). In June, the township sent a request to the UCPR asking the speed limit to be reduced from 80 kilometres per hour to 60 kilometres per hour on the section of road between County Road 17 and the hamlet of Cassburn. However, the UCPR Public Works Department does not consider the design of the road and current traffic patterns to be an immediate safety concern warranting a speed limit reduction and therefore no change is necessary. Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux moved to reject the change in speed limit on Cassburn Road and the motion was seconded by Clarence-Rockland Mayor Mario Zanth. Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel voted against the motion.