Hôpital Memorial Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) in Alexandria recently received a significant increase in funding from the Province of Ontario and more information is available about how that funding will be used at the local health care facility.

HGMH has been granted a substantial increase in its base funding of $3.66 million, in addition to $757,000 in one time funding.

A $3.5 million deficit was projected for HGMH in 2023, but according to President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Alldred-Hughes, the additional financial support from the Ministry of Health will allow the hospital to rectify that situation.

“As such, the additional funding will go towards stabilizing our financial position and will allow us to balance,” Alldred-Hughes said.

He said the hospital will also be investing in additional roles to support its clinical teams and patient care.

“The hospital is investing in a clinical nurse specialist which will have a key role in ensuring we are providing care to our patients using best practice and of the highest standards,” Alldred-Hughes said.

HGMH is providing its clerical teams with additional support in the emergency department so staff may focus more of their time on providing care to patients and reducing some of the clerical tasks which are often required overnight when support is not in place.

Alldred-Hughes said the hospital is focusing on growth of programs and services to support the community.  

“For example, our hospital will soon be submitting a proposal to the government to support a CT scanner here at HGMH,” he said.

Planning for the CT scanner proposal is still in its early stages, but Alldred-Hughes is hopeful HGMH will receive approval to proceed in the coming year.