To the Editor,

Thanks very much for your email about your concerns with regards to the Festival of Flavours. You have taken time and effort to express your concerns and we respect your opinions about the use of Main Street as a venue for the Festival. We regret that, as a resident on this street, you feel “a huge frustration” about the Festival activities on Main Street due to temporary blockage of the street. 

Be assured, we are well aware of the complications for local residents when we present events by Excellent Events in Vankleek Hill. 

As for benefits to our community, may we mention that we welcome thousands of visitors from around the world; the street vendors bring in thousands of dollars in revenue in one day; Vankleek Hill shops are open, receiving hundreds of clients and revenue generated while they reap year-round benefits from advertising generated by this festival; community groups including the Vankleek Hill Food Bank and Thrift Store, the Champlain Library, the Vankleek Hill Museum, Arbor Gallery, Higginson Tower, all participate and are pleased to promote their services to this  wonderful community,  We even welcome local family businesses to sell their products on the street at a reduced cost, thereby encouraging young entrepreneurs and supporting families in need of extra income. Even more importantly, after four years, since the pandemic, people are welcome to gather on the street with their friends (and pets) to celebrate being together in health and happiness, sharing food and friendship in celebration of peace and harmony in this wonderful country we call Canada.

With all this said, we do appreciate your generosity and patience in sharing this place you call home. Thanks for expressing your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and will endeavour to minimize your inconvenience as much as possible. 

To that end, may we tell you now: Next year we will again plan to close Main Street to traffic for six hours during the May Show Festival on May 19, 2024 and during the Festival of Flavours on September 8, 2024 for next year’s Excellent Events.

Thanks you for your support and understanding in advance.,

Samme Putzel, 

Organizer, Excellent Events