Farmers with property in the Raisin River watershed interested in agricultural stewardship best management practices (BMPs) on their land can now apply to the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) for funding through its Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program.

Project types eligible for funding include in-field or bank erosion control, drainage and wetland integration, controlled tile drainage, planting of hedgerows, windbreaks and buffers, grassed waterways, cover crops, nutrient management planning, soil sampling, soil health improvements, the use of various agronomic tools, grassland stewardship, delayed cut hay, and more.

“Best management practices can have a transformative impact on your farm’s sustainability by improving soil health, reducing erosion, retaining valuable nutrients, and much more. This not only provides on-farm benefits such as increased average yields, but also improves the overall health of our local watersheds,” said Jessica Herrington, RRCA Stewardship Coordinator.

“Now in its third year, the Agri-Action Program is designed to assist farmers looking to establish and incorporate these practices into their operations,” she added.

The application process is open to all farmers with a registered farm number located within the RRCA’s jurisdiction, which includes Ingleside to the west, Bainsville to the east, Alexandria to the north, and Cornwall to the south. Farmers can view a map of the RRCA jurisdiction and apply for free on the RRCA website at Funding may be available up to 90 per cent of project costs and may vary depending on project types or locations. Applications will be evaluated using a scoring tool.

“Agricultural stewardship practices are great for both agriculture and the environment,” said South Glengarry farmer Tony Vogel, a past Agri-Action participant. “It’s definitely worth looking into.”

This project was undertaken with federal financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada and provincial support from Government of Ontario.

The RRCA offers several stewardship programs as part of its mission to work with local communities to protect, conserve, and enhance the region’s natural resources and environment. For more information visit or contact 613-938-3611 or [email protected].