Have drivers been speeding on Hamil Street in Vankleek Hill? Eighteen residents think so. They signed a petition asking Champlain Township to reduce the speed limit from 50 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour.

The 18 signatures represent 15 of 20 civic addresses on the somewhat narrow, one-way street, which runs parallel to Main Street. There are currently no speed limit signs posted on Hamil Street, council learned at its most recent regular meeting on August 24..

As council discussed reducing the speed limit to 40 kilometres per hour on Hamil Street, West Hawkesbury Councillor Sarah Bigelow asked about reducing the speed limit all over Vankleek Hill.

She mentioned Mill Street and Stanley Street and said she felt other residents would come forward requesting the same speed reductions on residential streets.

But West Hawkesbury Councillor Gerard Miner pointed out that it has happened that after speed limit reductions have been put in place, residents from the affected street go to council complaining about the lower speed limit.

“But these people asked for it and it is a one-way street,” said Miner, in support of the Hamil Street speed limit reduction.

Champlain Township CAO Kevin Tessier suggested referring the matter to the the Public Works Department, noting that Public Works Director Sebastien Levesque was not at the council meeting.

In the end, council asked the Public Works Department to study reducing the speed limit in the villages of Vankleek Hill and L’Orignal to 40 kilometres per hour and to present a report to council.

Council approved the speed limit reduction to 40 kilometres per hour on Hamil Street. Speed limit signs will be posted on that street.