The pace of construction of a new subdivision in Vankleek Hill should speed up in the coming weeks.

The Vankleek Hill Valleys development is located on the east side of town and is accessible from Higginson Street.

Habitations Robert Inc. Project Manager Yvon Blais said it has been a long process getting the site ready for construction. The company is based in St-Lazare and Blais said there have been some adjustments to make related to doing business in Ontario. He said economic complications from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 were also challenging.

“We lost a whole year, basically,” Blais said.

Phase 1 of the housing development was approved in June 2020. All that is currently standing on the site is a model home and sales office. Blais said there will eventually be a combination of 331 detached and semi-detached homes on 279 lots. Home construction is to begin in September, along with paving of the streets. Blais said all utilities and municipal services have been installed.

According to Blais, interest in purchasing homes and properties in the Vankleek Hill Valleys development has been constant. Most interest is from Ottawa or the West Island near Montréal.

Blais said the affordability difficulty many hopeful homeowners are facing these days is the reason the company has made a change to pricing. He said they are now offering a single-storey home of about 860 square feet, including land and sales tax for $399,000. Other homes and properties in the development range from $400,000 to $650,000.

The developer reached a Public Use Agreement to allow the Ski Vent-Clic cross-country ski trail to continue to pass through the area. Blais said the section of the trail through the new neighbourhood will be open year-round and parking will be included. A stormwater management pond has also been created. Blais said the area around it will be landscaped and the Vankleek Hill Horticultural Society may be involved with providing plants or flowers to enhance the appearance.