An unusually large BMW sedan with a black matte paint job registered in New Jersey was parked along Main Street in Vankleek Hill during the afternoon of Wednesday, August 16. The trunk of the car was open, revealing what looked like computer or stereo equipment inside. The four individuals, originally from Germany, travelling in the vehicle were relaxing by the street enjoying coffee from The Broken Kettle. They explained that they are employees of the German automaker’s North American headquarters, located in Woodcliff Lake New Jersey and were testing the features of the new 2024 BMW 7-series sedan on Canadian roads. The equipment in the trunk of the car records the results of the testing. They travel all over the US and Canada, particularly to large cities where BMW dealers and customers are primarily located. The four BMW personnel were travelling between Ottawa and Montréal and decided to leave the highway and stop in Vankleek Hill for coffee.

Due to BMW corporate communications and security policy, the four employees would not disclose their names or allow the electronic equipment in the trunk to be photographed.