From now until August 27, anyone returning empties to The Beer Store in Hawkesbury may have the money donated to the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) Foundation.

Customers may also make a separate cash donation to the HGH Foundation if they wish.

This is the fourth year The Beer Store is fundraising for the HGH Foundation. Thanks to the support from the community, a total of more than $17,000 has been raised for the Foundation so far! Store Manager, Kirk Manson, and his staff at The Beer Store’s Hawkesbury location are proud to support their hospital through this fundraiser. They invite you to participate through monetary donations or by donating all or a portion of your empty beer, wine, and spirit container deposits – and you won’t even have to wait in line! There is a designated place to drop off your containers outside the store. The Beer Store in Hawkesbury is located at 1036 Lansdowne Street at the corner with Cameron Street.

“We, at The Beer Store, are grateful for the wonderful hospitals and community organizations that exist throughout Ontario. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to our communities across the province, and so, we have worked with local charities for many years now. Last year alone, with the support of our communities, $327,439 was raised for 137 charities across the province,” said Manson.  

“Giving back to our community is one of our core business values. My employees and I recognize the tremendous efforts that the HGH Foundation is making to support our community, so we were proud to make them our charity of choice once again this year.”

One hundred per cent of the proceeds raised in store will be donated to the HGH Foundation. This will allow the hospital to acquire the important state-of-the-art equipment needed to meet the health care needs of our community. Your support will help HGH develop new programs and services for our growing region, and will enable access to more specialty care, closer to home, for you and your loved ones.

“The HGH Foundation is very grateful to be the beneficiary of this fundraiser once again this year and for The Beer Store’s continued support. Thank you to the store’s hard-working staff and generous customers! You are truly making a difference for our hospital and our community,” HGH Foundation Executive Director Erin Tabakman.