Area residents are reminded that the reconstruction of King Street/Front Road West (County Road 12) from John Street to Dufour Street is continuing. The work to be completed consists of the following:

  • Replacement of the existing storm sewers, catch basins, watermains and water services from John Street to Wharf Street and from the end of the 2022 work (Laurier-Pilon Park) to 50 m east of Peter Street, 
  • Replacement of the existing storm sewers and catch basins at the intersection of Riverlane Road and Dufour Street, 
  • Full depth reconstruction of King Street including, concrete curbs and concrete sidewalks from John Street to Wharf Street, and from the end of the 2022 work (Laurier-Pilon Park) to 50m east of Peter Street, 
  • Asphalt milling and paving and replacement of sidewalk on Front Road West, from 50m east of Peter Street to Dufour Street,
  •  Asphalt milling and paving on Bay Road (County Road 24), from King Street to Des Chalets Street, 
  • Reinstatement of private driveways & walkways disturbed due to construction activities or as required to achieve an acceptable slope, in materials matching existing (i.e., asphalt driveways will be reinstated with new asphalt), 
  • Reinstatement of grass disturbed due to construction activities with sod.


A full road closure will be done for all work on King St, from Bay Road/John Street to Wharf, and also from Laurier-Pilon Park to Peter Street. Champlain Township will provide a detour route down Queen Street. (Eastbound) and Victoria Street. (Westbound).

A four-way stop will be installed at the intersection of King Street and Peter Street.

Pre-Construction Survey

Property owners directly adjacent to the work areas will be contacted shortly by Englobe to complete a pre-construction survey about their properties at no cost. The purpose of the survey is to obtain video and photo records of the existing condition of buildings and other features near the construction zone. This information would then be available for reference in the unlikely event that damage is caused during construction. 

Temporary water supply

A temporary potable water supply will be installed during the replacement of the watermain to service all affected properties. This will consist of an aboveground system connected to an outdoor hose bib at each property. A representative from Cornwall Gravel Co. Ltd. will review the house connection with the property owner prior to construction. Please contact the Contractor at their emergency number 613- 932-6571 should any issue arise with the temporary potable water supply.  

precautionary boil water advisory will be issued for properties connected to the temporary water supply in case of unplanned breaks in the temporary water supply.

Water Shutdowns

Daytime temporary water shutdowns will be required as part of the watermain replacement work and are expected to last less than four (4) hours. The Contractor will be responsible to coordinate with the impacted owners at least 24 hours in advance. Once the water is restored, please let your water run until it becomes clear.

Water shutdowns impacting the entire core of the village of L’Orignal will also be required as part of the watermain work. These shutdowns will be done overnight to minimize impacts to the residents and businesses and will be published on the Township’s website and social media in due course.

Traffic control and driveway closures

Road closures will be required to allow for construction. Temporary traffic signs and/or detour signs will be posted as required. Likewise, driveways will need to be closed temporarily as the work progresses. The Contractor will be responsible to coordinate driveway closures with residents impacted by this work. During such time, we recommend parking your vehicles along the side streets.


Champlain Township is asking for citizens’ cooperation in ensuring a safe construction site. More specifically, citizens are reminded to refrain from exceeding posted speed limits and to follow temporary traffic signage.

The Review reported earlier this year that the cost of the project to Champlain Township taxpayers is $4,455,491.70, plus sales tax. The project was part of the township’s 2022 capital budget but was originally projected to cost $3,449,660. However, the price has increased due to the cost of removing old asbestos-concrete watermains, the cost of 250-millimetre watermains, an increase in the cost of asphalt, and higher costs for concrete.

The work is being undertaken by Cornwall Gravel Co. Ltd. EVB Engineering will be representing Champlain Township throughout the project. Should you have any questions or concerns with the above, please communicate with Josh Gowsell, EVB Engineering’s Site Inspector and Project Manager at:

Site Inspector & Project Manager
Josh Gowsell, C.E.T.
EVB Engineering
800 Second St W, Cornwall ON K6J 1H6
Telephone: 613-861-0153