Champlain Township’s request for a crosswalk on Main Street, Vankleek Hill has been turned down.

The township asked about the installation of a pedestrian crossover to accommodate pedestrians crossing the street near the post office or Vankleek Hill Pharmacy. But the rules governing the distance of pedestrian crossovers or crosswalks from other traffic control devices (such as traffic lights) mean that because the post office is less than 200 metres from another traffic control device, the crossover would not be permitted. In addition, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) Public Works department said that installing a crosswalk near the post office would result in the loss of five parking spots and the need to relocate the handicapped-parking spot further from the post office, perhaps defeating the purpose of the spot.

The UCPR said that what’s more, the pedestrian volume, estimated at less than 65 pedestrian crossings in a four-hour period, further reduced the requirement for a pedestrian crossover at that point.

Included in Champlain Township’s municipal meeting agenda package was an additional email from the UCPR, reminding council that in 2016, the UCPR inspected all pedestrian crossings within the counties. During that inspection, the UCPR Public Works department decided to remove the pedestrian crossing at Derby Avenue.

Vankleek Hill ward councillor Paul Emile Duval says he will be meeting with the UCPR Public Works Committee to ask about a formal crosswalk at the corner of Main and Home — in front of the Windsor, crossing over to Jade Garden. There are currently crosswalk lines painted on the road and a sign indicating a school crossing. On schoolday mornings, a crossing guard is in place at the crosswalk.