Re: Rebranding Champlain Township 

I read with interest the article in The Review (22 March 2023) regarding the rebranding of Champlain Township. Not a bad idea, I think, and certainly worth looking at. However, I would like to make one cost saving suggestion if I may. That is: to wait. Wait and see what happens. 

Regardless how much thought, time and effort go into this exercise, and regardless how appropriate the township’s new motto, how beautiful the township’s new logo, or how brilliantly worded the township’s new sales pitch and marketing strategy might be made, it will all be an expensive waste of money if Colacem builds its huge, ghastly cement plant. From that moment on, and regardless how much money we have spent trying to make it otherwise, Champlain Township will only, and unavoidably, be known and described, from Ottawa to Montreal and beyond, as “that place with the huge smokestack and the funny smell”. And no amount of clever marketing or money will change that.