This Week in Local History – March 29, 2023 – The Review Archives

10 Years ago

Garbage incineration plant proposed

The Review, April 3, 2013 – L’ORIGNAL – Regional municipalities are going to have to accept the fact that their landfills are reaching capacity and are going to have to find a better way to deal with the growing garbage problem. That’s the message Champlain Township is sending to the United Counties of Prescott-Russell in the form of a resolution asking the regional government to look into the possibility of erecting an incineration plant to take care of the growing waste problem in Prescott and Russell.

25 Years Ago

‘Perley’ replaced by ‘Long Sault’

The Review, April 1, 1998 – HAWKESBURY – The name ‘Pont Perley Bridge’ will become history when the interprovincial span bearing its name is demolished. Hawkesbury council has endorsed a suggestion that the new four-lane link between the town and the village of Grenville be called the ‘Pont Long Sault Bridge’. A recommendation by an inter-municipal committee concluded that Long Sault was a bilingual, neutral, apolitical title that referred to the history of both Prescott and Argenteuil counties.

50 Years Ago

Syrup making underway in McAlpine

The Review, April 4, 1973 – MCALPINE – Bob Wilson’s sugar camp near McAlpine was a busy spot last week. Though normally horse-drawn, the 25-gallon sled tank was bulldozer-hauled this year. Net result of evaporating 3,000 gallons of sap was 75 gallons of maple syrup from 500 tapped trees.

75 Years Ago

Restored soil fertility needed to increase output

The Review, April 1, 1948 – ALEXANDRIA – Restoration of soil fertility to a level that makes the growing of crops profitable is the first step needed to increase production said Garnet B. Rickard of Bowmanville in addressing a group of Glengarry farmers on Thursday night. The speakers said crop production in Ontario was in decline and action was necessary in making Canada self sufficient.

100 Years Ago

Canada’s smallest curler wins Hill singles contest

The Review, March 30, 1923 – VANKLEEK HILL – Mr. A.J. Matte, known as Canada’s smallest curler, won the recent singles contest at the Vankleek Hill Curling Club, defeating Mr. H.M. Mooney, weighing 200 lbs, by 11 shots. Thus winning the pair of shoes, which will require special order, as Mr. Matte wears size 1-1/2. He weighs 95 pounds and is 48 inches tall.

125 Years Ago

Post office counting week

The Review, April 1, 1898 – VANKLEEK HILL – Last week was counting week at the Vankleek Hill post office and every letter, parcel and paper was carefully counted, as well as the amount of postage. At the end of the week here had been posted 1,162 Canadian letters, 157 foreign letters, 52 registered letters, 261 postcards, 92 parcels and the amount of stamp sales was $54.63.