Champlain Township has approved grants for local organizations for 2023. The list of recipients was included in the Champlain Township agenda package at its most recent regular meeting on February 22, 2023.

The recommendations came from the prior Committee of the Whole meeting.

Grant recipients are as follows:

Vankleek Hill & District Historical Society: $4,500

Arbor Gallery: $3,000

Higginson Tower $1,500 plus $2,200 in-kind services for property maintenance and student payroll services

Vankleek Hill Business & Merchant Association: $2,500

Ski-Vent-Clic: $4,000

Banque alimentaire de L’Orignal: $5,000

L’Orignal Old Jail: $5,000

Patrimoine Longueuil L’Orignal Heritage: $3,000

Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market: $2,920.

Special Event grants will be given to the following organizations in 2023:

Vankleek Hill Fair: $2,000 and $4,00 in-kind contributions for municipal staff on site, equipment and road closure).

Vankleek Hill Fiddle and Dance Competition: $500.

Russell Gauley Breakfast: $500.

Art in the Garden, $150 in-kind contribution for road closure)

La Baie Run: $2,000 and $1,160 in-kind contribution for municipal staff on-site, road closure)

Excellent Events: $3,000 and $2,942 in-kind contribution for May Show, Festival of Flavours, Christmas Craft Fair, municipal staff on site, road closure)

Facility grants which allow the use of municipal facilities by community organizations are as follows:

Services communautaires de Prescott-Russell (Chalet Abri 1st Thursday of the month, 4.5 hours per month), $950 in-kind contribution.

Club l’Amicale de L’Orignal (Chalet Abri 4th Tuesday of the month, 6 hours per month), $1,380 in-kind contribution.

Vankleek Hill Slo-Pitch Tournament (Use of the Mill Street Park ball diamond and to supply on-site recreation staff on July 2, 2023), in-kind contribution of $490.

La Baie Run will be permitted free access to use the Chalet Abri and the L’Orignal Park on July 22, 2023 and the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market will be permitted the use of vacant land at 79 Derby Avenue and the storage shed from May to October 2023.

An addition to these municipal contributions is that tables and the labour to move the tables to the Patrimoine Longueuil-L’Orignal Christmas Craft Fair event will be granted, as per a request brought forward by Longueuil Councillor Paul Burroughs, who asked to revise this one item prior to approving the grant/facility/in-kind recommendations from the Committee of the Whole.