A sign of spring approaching is when municipal governments begin authorizing public works construction projects to begin once the snow and ice are gone.

On February 6, Lachute council approved the notice of motion and introduction of five regulations, which when adopted, will permit up to $6,120,000 in road, water, and sewer improvements at a series of sites.

One of the regulations introduced allows for up to $4.5 million to be spent on new water and sewer mains, road paving and sidewalks on rue Gagné and rue Corbeil. Another regulation allows for up to $600,000 to be spent on repairing a watermain valve chamber at the intersection of avenue Bethany and boulevard Cristini. A third regulation will permit up to $420,000 to be spent on paving and lighting work on chemin St-Croix.

Two separate regulations approved by council each allow for up to $300,000 to be spent on repairs to sidewalks and curbs at various locations, and for new pavement and sewer replacement work on rue des Colibris and rue des Hirondelles.

All five of the regulations will be given second, and then third and final reading with adoption by council at future meetings.

Sharing staff

Lachute will continue to share water and wastewater maintenance and operations stall with St-André-d’Argenteuil, for 2023 at least. On February 6, Lachute council approved a new one-year, non-renewable agreement to share Lachute water and wastewater employees with its neighbour to the south. The new agreement replaces a previous agreement established in 2019 and is retroactive to January 1, 2023. Lachute Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis said St-André-d’Argenteuil will pay Lachute for the services of its employees.

The motion to adopt the agreement to share the Lachute employees with St-André-d’Argenteuil was moved by Councillor Christian David and seconded by Councillor Gaétan Larose.