It is becoming apparent that Ontario is divided into two different and clearly identifiable provinces: Toronto and the rest of us.

Premier Doug Ford recently awarded some $200 million to the City of Toronto to help Toronto meet its operational budget costs. This means that ALL income and provincial taxes and fees collected in Ontario are subsidizing its largest city.

That is where the money Doug Ford gave Toronto comes: out of our pockets. Yes, from resident taxpayers in Vankleek Hill, Cornwall, Sudbury, Wawa, etc., who paid taxes to the Ontario provincial government so that Doug Ford can turn around and hand it out to Toronto – aka ‘the Golden Triangle’.

Want a little more information? In the recently published report on the 2022 Convoy, Doug Ford is identified for lack of support, provincial participation and worse, misuse of facts, such as the number of OPP officers supposedly made available to assist Ottawa during the crisis. But when Windsor fell victim of a Convoy protest and road blockage – with a direct effect on Toronto – the city received almost immediate attention from Doug Ford’s government.

Let’s all let Doug Ford know the Province of Ontario has had enough of him. He should pass legislation dividing Ontario into two provinces and resign as premier of Ontario, but take over as premier of the other province, Toronto.

The rest of Ontario can then choose and elect our own, real, leaders.