A hot meal, staying warm, and seeing can be difficult if the electricity is off, but a couple in Brownsburg-Chatham has developed a solution.

Sylvie Poulin and Yves Archambault are the owners of Création La Vie (the life creation), and have invented a small, portable steel stove which acts as a three-in-one source of heating, cooking, and light. It requires no special fuel or elements – just a soy wax candle, with five or six wicks in an aluminum pan.

Poulin says she had the idea to develop the product eight years ago, when her home was affected by a power outage. Marc Lépine Jr. designed the appliances and a distinct flame logo for the product was developed by Caroline Massie.

“It’s our first invention,” Poulin says.

Five prototypes were made before official production began in December 2021. Archambeault makes them in his workshop and is an expert at welding and painting, because of his 50 years of experience in auto body repair. None of the welds are visible on the product and each appliance is painted with a powder-coat enamel paint in order to withstand heat and for durability.

“It’s very safe because it’s metal,” says Archambeault.

The appliance weighs about 20 pounds and can be easily carried. It has interchangeable trays and grills to facilitate inside cooking space.

“It’s very solid, it’s not dangerous,” Archambdeault emphasizes.

The stoves also come with a cork pad they may be placed upon to protect counter and tabletops. Poulin makes the candles which serve as the heat source for the stoves. Each candle has a burning time of 20 hours. The candles produce almost no smoke.

“They have no CO2 emissions,” Poulin claims.

Création La Vie became a registered trademark in December 2021 and the design was patented in May 2022.

On a recent afternoon, Poulin was cooking chicken wings and bacon on a Création La Vie stove in her home kitchen, with a picturesque view of Rivière Dalesville. She has measured an inside oven temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit and a top surface temperature of 269 degrees Fahrenheit.

Poulin says the Création La Vie stoves are good for families, because they will ensure people can still have a hot meal and stay warm when the power is out. She says the stoves are also good for campers and hunters.

Création La Vie stoves cost $399 plus sales tax. Four candles are included with the purchase of a new stove. Currently, the products are only being sold online by contacting [email protected] , or by making an appointment by calling 450-566-2407.