A Flicker in the Dark, by Stacy Willingham

Rose Seitz, Circulation Clerk, Champlain Library

A woman whose father admitted to the deaths of multiple young girls 20 years ago, is now seeing parallels to suddenly missing girls in her new town. A search and reach for control where there is none to be found.

The feeling women get when they are told that there are paranoid or overly emotional burns strong, as you follow Chloe throughout this hair-raising story. The last few chapters had so many plot twists, I felt like it was a fever dream.

Wrapped up in blankets, I still couldn’t escape the chill that this book brought. If you manage to put it down, you’ll think about it all day until you crack it back open again. I give it a 10 out of 10.

This is the debut novel by Stacy Willingham. If she makes more books like this, it might start a cult following.

Book Review written by Rose Seitz, Circulation Clerk at the Champlain Library – About me: I love reading as much as I love iced coffee. My job at the library allows me to find new books to read (and recommend), and the list of new books is never-ending. When not reading, I’m entertaining my two cats or playing videogames.