There will be no toys for Kévin Maurice’s children this Christmas.

Maurice, who is also the Mayor of Brownsburg-Chatham and a mortgage consultant for Desjardins, decided to begin La tournée des jouets de la famille Maurice (The Maurice Family Toy Tour) and collect toys for local children with the support of various businesses in the area.

“I was always thinking of doing it,” Maurice said.

He began on December 9 collecting new toys for children under the age of 12 and initially contacted 35 businesses who enthusiastically offered to help.

“They all said yes,” said Maurice.

He decided to use the toy collection as an opportunity for him and his wife Ariane to teach his three young children about helping others. The children will not be receiving any toys for Christmas, but the family will take a vacation together later.

Maurice’s effort is solely as an individual, and not connected to his other roles in politics and business.

I’m doing this with my wife and my kids,” he said.

All of the toys collected by Maurice are going to local social services organizations which will ensure they will be given to excited children at Christmas.