The deal is sealed for the land where Hawkesbury’s new municipal garage will be located.

On December 8, council approved the purchase of property on Harden Street, where the new garage will be constructed, for the amount of $41,500.  

Harden Street is a cul-de-sac off Tupper Street, located on the former Amoco industrial land, adjacent to the Harden shopping centre on Highway 17.

The undeveloped land in the area is owned by the Hawkesbury Community Industrial Strategic Planning Association – a municipal agency formed after Amoco closed and the town took ownership of the property and responsibility for environmental cleanup and redevelopment. The Department of Public Works already uses vacant land in the area to dump snow cleared from streets each winter.

In October, Hawkesbury council decided to build a new municipal garage to replace the current facility on Main Street East, which is more than 50 years old and in poor condition. The new garage on Harden Street is projected to cost $7,245,000 and construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.