The municipal clerk for the Town of Hawkesbury is leaving and council has appointed an acting clerk to fill the role.

On Thursday, December 8, council adopted a bylaw appointing Sonia Girard as Acting Clerk, to replace Clerk Myriam Longtin. According to Mayor Robert Lefebvre, Longtin has taken a position in the private sector.

Lefebvre said it is a challenge for municipalities to retain employees, because private sector employers can offer greater salaries and benefits.

Longtin became Clerk in June of 2020, following the departure of former Clerk Christine Groulx.

Girard has been an employee of the Town of Hawkesbury for 27 years.

Recycling Coordinator appointed

Hawkesbury Department of Public Works employee Jennifer Ashfield has been appointed as the new Recycling Coordinator for the Hawkesbury and Area Joint Recycling Committee. The committee oversees municipal collection of recyclable materials and organizes the annual household hazardous waste collection day for the Town of Hawkesbury, Township of Champlain, and Township of East Hawkesbury.

Hawkesbury council approved Ashfield’s appointment on December 8.

Mayor Robert Lefebvre previously served as the Recycling Coordinator, but decided to retire from the role after being elected mayor in October of 2022.

The resolution to appoint Ashfield was moved by Councillor André Chamaillard and seconded by Councillor Antonios Tsourounakis.

“I want to thank Monsieur Robert Lefebvre for his work for many, many years,” commented Councillor Jeanne Charlebois.

CAO discussions continue

Samuel Cardarelli continues to serve as the town’s Acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). He has served as Acting CAO since May 2022. Cardarelli was previously the Director of Recreation and Tourism. The Acting Director of Recreation and Tourism is Geneviève Goulet.

Hawkesbury town council continued to discuss the hiring of a permanent CAO during the closed session portion of the December 8 meeting.