To the Editor:

Canada’s priorities seem to have become building and increasing our social programs, rather than creating measures and programs to address a real major issue – lack of employees to sustain our economy.

We prefer increasing and protecting social benefits, as we witnessed again in the last couple weeks. An example: Canada added a new twist to Employment Insurance benefits for those on medical absenteeism. Watch this twist. Increase the period of time for all Canadians, BUT add a few extra weeks in the bill for Federal Government employees. Unbelievable.

It is now becoming somewhat official that the existence of the Lords and the Peasants is the way of life in Canada. Democracy as preached no longer exists within our supposedly democratic system of government.

Politicians seem to be great at passing rules and regulations that will favor themselves, their friends and the public opinion polls – no matter what the long term impact may be. That is possibly never even considered and even if it was, politicians close their eyes and move on.

Canada spends tons of money increasing social programs and benefits, rather than taking measures to address the much-needed worker shortages we all hear about.

Of course we must not forget JOBS is a four-letter word that seems to have joined the long list of other negative adjectives. There is a politician on the news right now stating “we will create a growing the economy with job creations, providing our human rights are not negatively impacted.”

Wow, I guess the problem is solved now. A politician has verbally addressed our economy and work force issues and ensured that our human rights are protected.

I get the feeling that our sense of pride at being Canadian has ceased in the last few decades. We spend tons of money preaching and financing other countries on how our leader feels they should behave, when we ourselves may not be practicing what we preach.

Richard Charest

Vankleek Hill