To The Editor,

I am outraged at the government’s introduction of Bill 28 and use of the notwithstanding clause to impose a collective agreement on education workers and make their strikes illegal.

While the use of the notwithstanding clause is technically a legal action, it is morally reprehensible to suppress labour rights and does not reflect the values of an Ontario in which I want to live. Further, the Bill did not have the intended effect of keeping kids in school, serving rather to aggravate workers across the country for fear of their rights being taken away as well. This move is eroding our democracy and leading us towards a dictatorship where the government can impose their will on the people with no regard to Charter-protected rights. Which rights will the Ontario government choose to suppress next? Language? Gender? Race? Health? Age?

I call on my elected representative to help the government rescind Bill 28 and get back to the bargaining table with CUPE. I expect that a fair deal will be negotiated with all of our public workers in good faith. If you feel the same way, write to your MPP and let them know.

Jenny Greig